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Rigifix M6 Drywall Fixings – 6 Pack

Product Description

Rigifix M6 Drywall Fixings – Pack of 6

Our revolutionary Rigifix drywall fixings are the only professional solution to hanging heavy items to dry lined plasterboard walls. Plasma Screens, boilers, sanitary ware, kitchen units, radiators, shelving, curtain poles, air conditioning units and many more can be fixed using our drywall fixings.  The load is transferred  to the masonry without affecting the integrity of the plasterboard.

Rigifix is ideal for fixing to Thermalite and similar lightweight concrete blocks.

Plug: Nylon

Sleeve: High Quality Carbon Machine Steel

Bright zinc coated for protection.

Rigifix Drywall Fixings Installation

1.  M6 Drill Size:  12mm
2.  Mark a location and drill hole through the plasterboard and into the masonry behind
3.  Drill hole depth from the face of the plasterboard – M6:  100mm
4.  Insert the Rigifix nylon plug section of the fixing
5.  Using an allen key, or using the Rigifix driver, screw in the centre metal section until flush with the nylon plug top
6.  Line up your bracket against the wall, insert the screw supplied
7.  Fix the screw to the metal centre section of the bolt, ensuring that it is tightly secured

rigifix drywall fixings 2

rigifix drywall fixings 1

rigifux drywall fixings single


Rigifix users online have been extremely happy with the quality of our drywall fixings.  Here are some of the comments we’ve found online about our product :

On – Comments frm AVForum members who have used our drywall fixings:

“rigifix are exactly what you want. I have used them and they are easy to use and will hold ships up so dont worry about your television”

“The Rigifix bolts were excellent!!!! The TV is safe as houses!!!! I’m pretty sure if the bracket could hold my weight then I could easily hang off it!!!”

The Ultimate Handyman on YouTube – Comments from the Rigifix video uploaded by The Ultimate Handyman

“Rigifix wall anchors are ideal for fixing heavy items to plasterboard walls that have a solid wall behind. Fixing heavy items to solid walls that have been drylined can be difficult as normal fixings can be problematic, The rigifix anchor provides an extremely solid fixings in such walls.”

“Not used the Hilti fixings but these rigifix were extremely solid. I used to use a wall plug and long screw in the past, but if you over tighten it can pull the plasterboard into the wall. I’d definitely use these again for fixing to a dry lined wall”

5.00 out of 5

1 review for Rigifix M6 Drywall Fixings – 6 Pack

  1. 5 out of 5


    needed very strong fixings to attach high security lock and bolt assembly to block wall and these were perfect and have resulted in rock solid installation. Only comment is that
    changed supplied bolt for wide head tensile bolt. Also used mains powered driver as had 20 to fix. Very impressed.

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