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** Plasterboard Fixings by Rigifix A Big Hit On YouTube! **

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** Plasterboard Fixings by Rigifix A Big Hit On YouTube! **

Our Plasterboard Fixings are a big hit for DIY fans!

Walls that have been dry lined need a different approach when choosing a fixing.  Plasterboard is composed of a layer of compressed plaster dust, held together by two sheets of light card.  When the structure of the plasterboard is broken by a nail or a screw, the compressed plaster between the cards will be more fragile, start to crumble and become weak.  Hanging a heavy object from the wall is dangerous if the correct plasterboard fixings are not chosen.

The Rigifix is a safe and solid fixing as it spans the cavity of the wall and fixes to the brick or stonework behind the plasterboard.  The heavy rigifix plasterboard fixings 2load is transferred to the brick, meaning you can sit back and watch your plasma TV, peaceful in the knowledge that its not going anywhere!

Back in 2008 when we launched the Rigifix anchor bolt, we felt the best way to demonstrate its performance was to create a video, showing different weights being hung off a bracket fitted with a Rigifix plasterboard fixing.

Here’s the video that we initially uploaded back in October 2008 showing How to fix a plasma tv or other heavy items to a wall with rigifix.  Despite there being no sound and the video not being particularly glamourous, it’s racked up over 34000 hits and numerous very positive comments, confirming what a truly great product the Rigifix is.


We recently became aware of another great video on YouTube from The Ultimate Handyman, giving DIY’ers full instruction on how to use.  he’s using the example of fitting kitchen units. The Ultimate Handyman is a renowned DIY expert and his YouTube channel has over 20,000 subscribers, so we’re pretty chuffed that he went with Rigifix as the plasterboard fixing of choice.


The Ultimate Handyman describes our Rigifix fixings as ideal for hanging any heavy objects to plasterboard wall and we couldn’t agree more.  If you’d like more information, please get in touch.  You can buy the Rigifix M6 or the M8 in our online shop, or you can make a trade enquiry if you’d like to buy larger boxes wholesale.


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