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Rigifix – Patented Heavy Duty Drywall Anchors

Professional heavy duty Drywall Anchors are here!  Deltaleigh Ltd, leading UK manufacturers of masonry nails, plastic plugs, D bolts and hammer fixings have now launched the new Rigifix Drywall Anchoring System.  After 20 months of research and development, the design team at Deltaleigh Ltd, together with a leading UK university, have created a unique product that revolutionises the way we attach heavy items to dry lined plasterboard walls.

Rigifix is ideal for fixing to Thermalite and similar lightweight concrete blocks.

Thanks to Rigifix you can safely hang heavy objects up to 280kg.  Whether you need to hang a 52″ Plasma screen, a heavy combi boiler, kitchen units and many more, Rigifix drywalll anchors will safely, reliably and neatly do the job.

The Rigifix comes in two sizes – For information on the M6 Click Here.
For information on the M8 click here.

Wholesale Enquiries

We also supply Rigifix to Trade customers in boxes of 50 (M8) or 100 (M6).  Please visit Deltaleigh Ltd for more information. Send an email or call us on 01422 824959


drywall anchorsCavity Fixings Box - Rigifix

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